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Our talented team of designers have extensive experience in working across a wide spectrum of media formats, creating dynamic content for print and digital, that exceed our client’s expectations and resonate with their customers. We are passionate about turning your vision into reality.

Our design offering includes:

• Book jacket design
• Typesetting and book formatting
• Logo design
• Corporate and brand identity
• Brochure and flyer design
• Business card design


Whether it is a simple marketing website, an e-commerce website or an interactive app you are interested in,
our talented team of developers are skilled at creating beautiful websites and functional apps
that are designed to add value to our client’s businesses.

Our website and app development offering includes:

• Marketing website development
• e-commerce website development
• Artist and designer websites
• App development

SPECIALIST BOOK JACKET DESIGNER – Information and samples below

“You can’t judge a book by it’s cover, but you can sure sell a bunch of books if you have a good one.”
― Jayce O’Neal

I am a Professional Designer of:

• Book Jackets (Full Wrap – Front Cover, Spine & Back Cover)
• Front Covers for eBooks and Downloadable Audio Books
• Facebook and other Social Media Marketing Collateral
• Teasers and Reveals

We are often told that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but in the real world, unless you’re a bestselling author, every book that leaves a bookshop made it that far because of the jacket it was wearing.

As an author or a publisher, it is critical that you do everything you can to ensure that your book jumps off the shelf and into the reader’s hands, not to mention grabbing the attention of the bookseller who might be um-ing and ah-ing over what to stock their shelves with that month.

Good looks sell. It’s a fact.

I have been working in the design and media industry for over two decades. I provide turnkey graphic design services targeted at the book and publishing industry.

Whether you need a full jacket (front cover, spine and back cover) for your printed masterpiece, a front cover design for your Kindle eBook edition, an audio book cover design, or marketing collateral such as Facebook or other Social Media headers and banners, you have come to the right place.

I don’t simply add text on top of images, I get inside your head and inside your book and deliver a visually appealing book cover that will not only reflect the true essence of your story, but ensure that your book receives prominence on the shelves of every bookshop that houses it. And most importantly, that it gets into the hands of your readers.

My rates are structured according to the type of work you require. Please use my rates below as a general guideline until I have seen your brief and I am in a better position to determine exactly what is required in order to complete your design.

If you already have a high-res image that you would like to use for your cover design, fantastic. If not, I would need to find a suitable image for you. Please bear in mind that most high quality stock images carry a price tag, so any purchase of stock imagery will be subject to a surcharge.

In order to keep the process streamlined please supply as much information as possible at the start of the briefing. This would include:

  • Samples of other book jackets that you like
  • Specific image that you would like to use
  • Title and subtitle
  • Author name and surname
  • Book dimensions (e.g. 6″ x 9″)
  • Page count (to ensure that your spine is placed correctly on your print edition)
  • Preferred colour choices or fonts (if applicable)
  • ISBN and ISBN barcode (I can create a barcode for you if you do not have one)
  • Publisher’s name and high-res logo
  • A short synopsis of your book
  • The blurb that you would like to appear on the back jacket
  • Reviews or endorsements (and their preferred placement)
Kobus Kleyn

Kobus Kleyn CFP

12-08 2017

“Sometimes in life you get the most pleasurable experience with service levels and quality. With Gregg Davies, such an experience came about purely by coincidence and today I am extremely happy with such a coincidence.

I had a book jacket which I was very happy with, and thought it was absolutely perfect and could not be improved. In fact I was in love with the book cover to be honest, as my wife and I spent hours on it with another jacket designer.

I was self publishing and had the book on eBooks, but the self distribution of the book was becoming time consuming and I also wanted my first book to be on the shelves of at least one book store. The bookstore, when i approached them, had a look at my cover and immediately and told me frankly that they think it would not work very well on the shelves to grab business readers attention. They referred me via email to Gregg and I reluctantly got an immediate response back from him with a proposal and requirements. What was most surprising to me was the quoted price (compared to my previous designer a huge saving) and efficiency with which he responded to communications and completed the design.

Well I though I had better listen to the bookstore if I wanted to give my book the opportunity to get shelf-space!! I placed the order and provided the basics and waited for the next list of requirements etc. Well, to my absolute amazement in a very short turnaround time I received the jacket sample. I could not believe my eyes and nor could my wife. It was an absolute no-brainer and everything was simply perfect the first time around.
At that stage I though had better get a 3rd opinion and decided to use the power of my LinkedIn network and followers and placed the two jackets onto LinkedIn for a survey. I was even more stunned with the response with over 17 500 views to the post and many likes and comments and 90 % of the comments in favor of the new jacket.

I think it is obvious that I am very impressed and in today’s business world and with poor service levels at best in general, I had one of my most pleasant surprises in many years when it comes to world class service levels and efficiency and cost effectiveness with professionalism and a smile!! In fact I am concerned he is undercharging for his incredible design knowledge and experience and could not stay in business at these levels.

I can only highly recommend Gregg and his company to anyone who wants to give their books a professional representation and creative jacket design, overhaul and boost their brands, their image and so much more.”

Kobus Kleyn

Certified Financial Planner

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