Voice over services for audiobooks, corporate videos, IVR and more

Audiobook Narration for Adult and Children's Books

So, you have probably already done the groundwork and have written an amazing book. It is also likely to be published. It could be a novel, a children’s book, your mastermind of business strategy, or your biography. Whatever the genre it is now time for the next step.

Let’s ensure you maximise your exposure on all platforms and increase your revenue streams by converting your masterpiece into a listening experience.

Let’s create your audiobook!

Documentary, Education and Infomercial Narration

It seems we meet again. This time you arrive with a polished piece of video or finely written script in hand. What is the next step, you ask?

The next natural step would be adding the voice that will tie the imagery together, convey the message, carry the feeling, and deliver on your production with maximum credibility and impact.

Let’s add the voice over to your documentary, educational video or infomercial and ensure your thoughts are clearly delivered on the global stage.

Corporate and Industrial Presentations

Every corporate video, industrial induction or marketing video for social media needs an explanation, after all, not everyone who sees your video is an expert in your field.

We cannot simply assume they understand what they see, or what is explained by the knowledgeable individuals on camera.

This is where the scripted voice over plays a huge role in finding the right pace, tone and delivery to be added to your video production and enhance the impact by adding personality, understandability and credibility.

Commercials and Promotion for Radio, Television and Internet

It’s here, it’s the big time!

Millions are spent in creating the visuals but that all changes when you add a voice to your brand. When you are ready to launch your product or service to the world, make sure the voice you’re using in your promotions and commercials is the right voice. Make sure the voice you use is is authoritative when required, sensitive when the time is right and always credible. I can do that for you.

Let’s work on your next campaign together and ensure that your company, your brand and/or your life has one voice throughout.

On-Hold Messages and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for Telephone and Voice Message Systems

Why stick with automated voices for your on-hold telephone system and keep customers waiting on the line with elevator music or generic and robotic voices.
Rather implement a custom voice over for your on-hold telephone and messaging system that communicates everything about your business, services and products to your customer while they wait for their call to be handled.

Turn that waiting time into productive business, and cash.

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